Write a compound predicate

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What is an example of a complete predicate in a sentence?

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Subject and Predicate. Simple Subject and Predicate, Examples & Worksheets

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How Do You Create Sentences With Compound Subjects or Predicates?

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Compound Predicate

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Subjects and links Video transcript - [Voiceover] Wandering Grammarians. Write a compound predicate when one person, place or thing does two things. Example: Sharon sings in the shower and washes her hair.

Two actions come from one subject. You can do two things at once, right? So can a sentence. A compound predicate can help a writer avoid using too many short, repetitious sentences. For example, instead of writing two sentences with the same subject but different verbs or verb phrases, a writer can combine the verbs or verb phrases in one sentence.

To find the predicate, start by finding the verb. The answer is 'ran' because the verb is the action of the sentence. Now, the whole predicate includes the verb and the rest of the modifiers, so in this sentence, 'ran the whole mile in five minutes' is the complete predicate.

Compound Predicates. A compound predicate has two actions for the same. Aug 12,  · Learning about compound predicates is easy with this straightforward grammar sheet. Kids get practice identifying compound predicates, then put their knowledge to work as they write a few sentences of their own/5(16).

Understanding Sentences: Using Subject and Predicate to Improve Student Writing

Compound subjects and compound verbs can add variety and depth to your writing. While writers always want to be concise and to the point, there are times when you might need to elaborate on the subjects and verbs in your sentences.

A compound predicate occurs when the subject in the sentence is doing more than one action and is shared by two or more verbs. These verbs are joined by a conjunction, or a connecting word, such.

Write a compound predicate
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What is an example of a compound predicate