Science literacy strategy writing activities

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Self-Guided Tours

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Reading to explore science topics, combined with firsthand investigation and discussions, can help students acquire reading strategies even better than direct instruction in those strategies can.

Science inquiry is a powerful motivator for learning to speak, write and read effectively. There are several strategies that can help your students with reading and writing in your science class.

This page contains worksheets and lessons to help your students achieve proficiency. These are not content specific, and many will work with any subject or topic you are covering in your science class.

Teaching Science Literacy

Science teachers, trained to be content specialists, benefit from receiving professional development in how to explicitly use literacy strategies to support their students’ content understanding. In response to this need, The American Museum of Natural History designed and implemented a series professional development workshops that showed.

Teaching Science Literacy. Maria Grant and Diane Lapp. One strategy is to assemble an array of topic-related texts from various sources, including trade books, news articles, and even poems. Reading and writing in science: Tools to develop disciplinary literacy. Corwin Press: Thousand Oaks, CA.

Science and Literacy

Literacy in Science. Overview: Science and Technical Subjects Standards further highlight the critical role that literacy (writing, reading, speaking, viewing listening and media literacy) plays across content areas, especially in the area of science.

inquiry activities - analyzing data to. Predicting, understanding cause and effect, understanding sequence, acquiring a rich vocabulary, building background knowledge, and developing the ability to read and write informational text are some of the skills we're looking at in the Literacy in the Sciences series.

Science literacy strategy writing activities
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