Pet bottles as bricks

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Plastic bottles solve Nigeria's housing problem

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The EcoBrick Exchange (EBE) is an environment awareness enterprise that facilitates the construction of preschools in underprivileged communities using unrecyclable plastic waste. Buy Kiloline Empty Spray Bottle Clear PET Plastic ml Bottles Safe Non-Toxic Odorless Super fine Mist Trigger Sprayer Leak-proof Great for Cleaning Products Garden using Beauty Treatments 2pcs on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

The technique builds upon the bottle building techniques developed by German architect Andreas Froese (using sand-filled PET bottles) in South America in These Eco-Bricks are then used to build schools in South America in order to improve children's lives and give homeless people a permanent place to stay.

Bricks From Recycled Plastic

Bottle Brick Making by Kris - Manitoba Earthship. Note bottle over doorframe. Find this Pin and more on Bottle bricks by Corrie Rozell. Bottle Brick Making by Kris - Manitoba - two bottle bottoms edge to edge creates a stained glass look.

Pet bottles as bricks
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Plastic bottles solve Nigeria's housing problem