Absolute income hypothesis

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Absolute Income Hypothesis (With Diagram) | Marco Economics

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Absolute income hypothesis

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According to this hypothesis, it is the permanent income and not the current income, which determines the level of current consumption expenditure. Permanent income is the average of all incomes anticipated by the households in the long run.

The Absolute Income Hypothesis is theory of consumption proposed by English economist John Maynard Keynes (–), and has been refined extensively during the s and s, notably by American economist James Tobin (–). We were then able to test the rank-income hypothesis against both the absolute-income and the reference-income hypotheses.

Results are shown in Table 2 ; the standard errors were adjusted for clustering at the group level (Moulton, ). They are related. The life-cycle hypothesis contains two results: 1. The life-time consumption must equal to the life-time income, which produces Friedman's permanent consumption-income line.

Relative income hypothesis states that the satisfaction (or utility) an individual derives from a given consumption level depends on its relative magnitude in the society (e.g., relative to the average consumption) rather than its absolute level.

Keynes' Absolute Income Hypothesis and Kuznets Paradox

It is based on a postulate that has long been.

Absolute income hypothesis
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